You have reached the home of Bokashi in the UAE. Bokashi is a unique simple way of turning your kitchen waste into an organic compost soil conditioner.

It’s an easy, and guiltless way, to discard fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and even bones right in your kitchen without the requirements of turning it like you do outdoor compost, and without creating unpleasant odours.

The kit supplied is all you need …. a uniquely designed bucket, the special bran and easy to use instructions.

More about how it works

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  • Bokashi TestimonialA testimonial originally from the SCD website on the successful use of Bokashi composting in the USA.

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  • Apr 13 2014 12:33am  Progress with DBS planter boxes; radishes, zucchini & some rocket planted out with spring onions, coriander & spring onions taking hold in their pots :)

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