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A Bokashi bin after 15 months!

bokashi treated food waste after 15 months in a bin turns to great humus once placed in soil

Imagine leaving your bokashi bin full of food waste in storage for 15 months! I think we would all agree that the obvious thing to do would be to throw the bin and its contents away. In actual fact the food waste continues to ‘pickle’ and can be buried in the soil as usual. The ‘sour’ smell is stronger but the process continues as normal and the bin can continue to be used for future recycling of food waste to make compost.

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2 thoughts on “A Bokashi bin after 15 months!

  1. Pepper O'Roni

    Good submission, my gf is now more serious with her veganism, over the last few years so she is constantly visiting local fruit and veg markets, vegan restaurants and even the odd vegetarian recipe book shop. Its exciting even if you aren’t a vegan yourself, theres so much good food around!

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