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Best Gifts for Gardeners

Time for tea?

Is this a gift for the committed recycler, or a gift for the recycler who deserves to be committed? The jury is still out, but the (mostly sane) Bokashi users I know swear by them.

The Bokashi system uses a recycled plastic bucket, thin layers of bran infused with effective microorganisms and anaerobic fermentation to pickle unwanted kitchen waste, including things such as bone, dairy products and meat that couldn’t normally be recycled on traditional garden compost heaps.

Bokashi bins act as compost accelerators, taking only two weeks to produce a fermented material that can either be added to your outdoor compost bin or buried straight into your garden soil.

After another four to six weeks this pickled Bokashi waste will supply your plants with nourishing food while conditioning and enlivening your soil with healthy microbes. Bokashi bins also produce “Bokashi tea”, which can be diluted and used to feed your plants, or even used neat for unblocking drains.

A small sized Bokashi bin and a one kilogram bag of Bokashi bran cost Dh360 and are available from Bokashi Dubai. Visit for details.

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Gardening gift ideas

Nick Leech
8 December 2011
The National

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