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Bokashi used with traditional composting

healthy Bokashi soil brings earthworms

healthy Bokashi soil brings earthworms

traditional composting adding Bokashi

traditional composting adding Bokashi

South Africa: An example of Bokashi used in a traditional composting bin – a bin with holes in the side, no bottom and a lid; for some reason when the baboons come and visit, all they do is take off the lid and go no further – whew, says my neighbour!!

Last year the bin was a bit smelly being run in a traditional manner, had to have soil added from time to time and LOTS of flies. Now with Bokashi, there are no flies and no need to add soil.

Last year I didn’t see earthworms, now they are teeming in handfuls near the surface!!

Earthworms were apparently always there, but the compost heap was nowhere near as pleasant as it is now!!

Go Bokashi GO!!! 🙂

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One thought on “Bokashi used with traditional composting

  1. Bokashi Jolijn

    The Bokashi system has definitely a lot of advantages! There is also an Bokashi bin, which you can use in your house. That is a realy great option for all households, even for those living in multifamily buildings. The kit seems inexpensive and easy to use. Its small size can make it work in most kitchens. The Bokashi is also durable, ecologic and it’s realy good for your flowers! Great!

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