Bokashi Dubai

A craving for compost

An article published in the Good Taste magazine this month (January) describes composting from the point of view of 3 different, but equally passionate, Bokashi users in Dubai.

I took delivery of my Bokashi bin about two months ago, so I’m very much in the early stages, yet already I’m seriously addicted. To briefly explain the Bokashi process, you layer your food waste – peelings, leftovers, egg shells, bones, the lot – in your bin and sprinkle it with Bokashi bran, an organic mix of good bacteria and microbes that ‘pickles’ your food waste at home rather than letting it rot in a landfill. From the start, I saw a dramatic reduction in our kitchen rubbish and, after just four days, my half-full Bokashi bin was producing lovely juice that can be drained off in a tap.

Pages 104-107
Good Taste Magazine
January 2013

Full article here: PDF

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