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During the Holy month of Ramadan, the issue (of food waste) is magnified as we sit down with friends, family and colleagues to sumptuous, social iftars with an abundance of delicious, traditional dishes on the menu.

While you may not always be able to regulate the amount put on your plate when dining out, it may now be easier to reduce waste at home and in the workplace.

One environmentally-minded Dubai business is hoping to change the way we think about food – and waste – in the build-up to Ramadan. Jo Marengo and Janine Sheard of Bokashi Dubai, both busy mums, are determined to make a difference this year and are urging businesses and individuals to make an eco promise to recycle 60kg of food waste before the end of August.

Gogi berries like Bokashi. These plants were grown from seed

Gogi berries like Bokashi. These plants were grown from seed

7 Days in Dubai
17 May 2012
Chris Fraser

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*note from the Team

How every little bit helps!  See how much food waste Bokashi can divert from the landfill
Normal households recycle 250 – 500 kgs per year  (2 to 4 bins filled per month)
10 households  =  2.5 – 5 tonnes per year
100 households  =  25 – 50 tonnes per year
600 households  =  150 – 300 tonnes per year (600+ people in the UAE already have the Bokashi system)

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