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Dubai hotel is UAE’s first to use composting

Less than a year ago, the contents of the 30 plastic bins along the walls of a long, narrow room in Dubai’s Al Qasr hotel would have been of little use – nothing more than common rubbish.

The fruit and vegetable peels and scraps, about 70kg every day, would have been disposed of, ending up about 30km north in Dubai’s nearly overflowing landfill.

Now, however, those two tonnes of waste a month are transformed into plant food using a novel composting method.

Developed in Japan in 1982, the process, called Bokashi, involves placing the waste in specially designed plastic buckets along with a patented mix. Bacteria then ferments the waste to leave a usable compost.

Vesela Todorova
The National
9 August 2011

Full article here: link / PDF

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4 thoughts on “Dubai hotel is UAE’s first to use composting

  1. Jyothish

    We are a 5-star resort located in the western region of Abudhabi. We are planing out some source in order to tackle the food and garden waste produced in our hotel. It will be appreciated if you can provide you assistance and recommendation to tackle this issue.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Carrie

    Should the 20L bins be kept in an airconditioned environment? Would it be ok to keep it in a shed for instance?

    1. admin

      Hi Carrie, apologies for the delay on replying. The bins should be ok in a shed as long as they are closed and not in direct sunlight. You may find you need to drain them more often if they are warm.

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