Bokashi Dubai

EcoVenture Camp’s Bokashi training

Ecoventure Camp staff after their Bokashi training session

Ecoventure Field Study Camps using Bokashi to recycle foodwaste

School children are visiting the EcoVenture camps to learn more about the local eco systems by doing Field studies in the UAE desert. The camps teach the children how to be eco friendly and are working towards being fully sustainable in the future.

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2 thoughts on “EcoVenture Camp’s Bokashi training

  1. kristien

    Hi Janine, I was at the ecoventure camp on the 6th or 7th of january last and was very disappointed that their garbage system still was not better organised. They were not using the bokashi bins at all and even worse, none of the 3 staff members present knew how it worked (or showed any enthousiasm for the system). the Only reaction I get from Matt is that the kids do not want to follow the system, but you know just as well that it is more a matter of education then any thing else.
    I hope the message above means that you were there and reinvigorated them in using the system, but they need a lot of help and support to keep it going.
    Also, if you drive in, you pass by a dump in a hole, where all garbage is dumped together, no recycling what so ever… No idea why this is not more important to them. i really am very disappointed and hope you were able to get them on the right path.
    regards, Kristien

  2. Janine

    Dear Kristien
    The retraining of the Ecoventure staff on how to use the bokashi system was done by us on 26 January. We received postive feedback from the kitchen staff but , of course, it will be the long term result which proves whether the system is being used correctly and on a regular basis. A quotation has been provided, on Ecoventure’s request, by a company who supplies bins for recycling and sponsors for those bins are being sought by the Ecoventure camp. These are positive steps in the right direction but as you suggested reinforcement is always helpful.

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