Bokashi Dubai

Commercial Use

Some tips when preparing to use our large 120L commercial bin.

  1. Assess the quantity of food waste produced and make a decision on how many kgs to recycle.
  2. Decide whether to use only cold waste, i.e. prep waste or all food waste (inclusive of cooked leftovers)
  3. The number of bins and Bokashi required will vary according to the quantity of food waste being recycled.
    For example: 200kgs of food waste per day would require 3 bins per day for a minimum 7 day cycle = 21 bins would be needed in total.
  4. Educate kitchen staff re separation of waste: food waste only (small amounts of paper are acceptable) but no plastic, tins, glass or twine.
  5. Store Bokashi bins (preferably on a raised surface for easy draining of liquid) in an air conditioned waste room at (ideally) a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius.
  6. Have two dedicated people trained in the correct procedure (this will cover absence) so that the system continues to run smoothly.
  7. The bins must stand for a minimum of a week.
  8. The Bokashi method ferments the food waste: this is due to using the Bokashi bran mixture which contains effective micro-organisms (essentially pro-biotics).
  9. Drain the liquid regularly: this is teeming with good micro-organisms; when diluted (1:100) with water this acts as excellent plant food or alternatively can be poured undiluted down drains to help keep them clear, clean and free from odours.
  10. Organise the gardening team to collect the full bins and bury the contents into a hole or trench that has been dug in the soil. The humus produced after 6-8 weeks can be dug up and used for conditioning plants or can be left in-situ to feed/regenerate the soil or grow an organic vegetable garden.
  11. The empty bins must then be rinsed out with water and returned to the waste room for refilling.

We offer training and follow up.

Any questions please drop us a note now.

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