Bokashi Dubai

Domestic Use

How to use your new Bokashi bin

  1. Place your Bokashi bin in a convenient place – eg. under the kitchen counter, under the sink or anywhere convenient (indoors please).
  2. Place the drain plate supplied at the bottom of the bin – this allows excess liquid to drain.
  3. Sprinkle a thin layer of Bokashi onto the drain plate in the bottom of the bin.
  4. Add any kitchen food waste to the bin as you produce it – bread, citrus, vegetable scraps, egg shells, small amounts of paper or facial tissues, meat scraps, tea bags etc.
  5. Place a 3-4 cm layer of waste in the bin. Compress / push down the waste in the bin to remove any air pockets and compact the material (an old potato masher works a treat for this job). Sprinkle a small handful of Bokashi bran over the food waste so that the entire surface is exposed to the grain. Use one handful per layer of waste. Continue layering until the bin is full.
  6. Seal the airtight bin lid carefully after opening the bin.
  7. Once or twice a week drain the liquid from the bin. Only turn the stopcock three quarters of the way round. The liquid can be diluted at a ratio of 1:100 (10ml liquid to 1 litre water) and be used to fertilize your lawn and plants. Undiluted liquid can be used to clear your drains and septic system.
  8. Once the bin is full empty the contents into a hole or trench in the garden. The material will be fermented but needs to go into the soil in order to turn into humus.
  9. Wash the bin with water (NO soap or detergent) and restart the process of filling it with kitchen waste.
  10. In 2-3 weeks the waste buried in the soil in your garden will have broken down in to soil which is rich in nutrients, all naturally produced.
  11. Going on holiday? Drain liquid from the bin, sprinkle a layer of Bokashi on top, make sure the lid is sealed and leave the bin to ferment – the longer the better.
  12. Store the Bokashi bran in an airtight container in a dark, cool place.
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