Bokashi Dubai

Helpful Hints

The bucket size is: 28x28x40cm height (11x11x16”) and takes around 20 litres of waste (slightly larger than a standard pedal bin)

  • Collect all your food waste in a 3 litre ice cream container – it is the perfect amount to put into your bin at one time.
  • To ensure that there are less airlocks in your bin contents, cut up watermelon rinds into smaller blocks.
  • Leftover cat food has been added to food waste, with no problems.
  • To push down the new waste in the bin, a potato masher or simply your hand in a plastic bag can be used.
  • If you have a small garden, cut the bottom off a 30 to 40 litre plastic pot and bury about 10 cm in the soil. Empty the contents of your bin into the pot and then cover with 3 to 5 cm of garden or potting soil.
  • When you sprinkle the bran, use as much as you would use flour on a surface before you roll dough.
  • Drain the liquid into a easy to pour container – excess Bokashi juice can be kept for a few days in a 1 litre milk bottle.
  • By keeping two buckets, you are able to collect more valuable liquid per bucket and waste kept in a bucket for nearly a month, breaks down quicker.
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