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Gardening tips for UAE gardens

This article in the Tabloid has some great ideas for making gardening in the UAE both easy and successful for all ages. There’s nothing more disappointing than planting out new seedlings only to see them fail to thrive or even shrivel up and die. Read more for easy ways to improve the appearance of your garden.

students using agriculture box

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2 thoughts on “Gardening tips for UAE gardens

  1. Olga Lobo

    I love gardening. I know I dont have a green thumb but I am a hard worker. I need to know
    the art of planting right seeds in the right season, to learn a thing or two about plant compatibility — which vegetables and greens grow best together, plants that require the same amount of water and nutrients can easily be potted in the same soil. Is there a book that I could purchase that would cover this subject

    1. Janine Post author

      We often recommend ‘ Gardening in Oman and the UAE’ by Anne Love as it is written by a lady who has had a great deal of experience gardening in this desert region.
      We do try to put gardening tips in our newsletters where possible. You might like to read through some of our newsletters by going to our website . At the bottom of the home page you will find the archived newsletters.

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