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Goals for the New Year

Most importantly, I’m going to redouble my recycling efforts. I live in The Springs, Dubai, and there are two sets of recycling bins within a three-minute drive of my house. Nonetheless, up until now my record has been erratic, to say the least. When it’s a simple matter of getting organised, clearing a space in your utility room and putting in a couple of different coloured bins for different types of waste, there’s no real excuse not to.

I’m also going to start recycling kitchen waste using Bokashi, the indoor composting systemthat has been a regular feature on the pages of House & Home over the past year. The system uses a recycled plastic bucket, thin layers of bran infused with microorganisms, and anaerobic fermentation to treat unwanted kitchen waste, which can then be used to nourish plants and soil. A Bokashi bin and bag of bran cost Dh360 and I’m off to get mine this weekend.

Selina Denman
21 January 2012
The National

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