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How to Grow your Own

Yes, it is sandy. Yes it is hot. But there are plenty of people having great success growing their own fruits and vegetables in this sandpit – and many of them are not experienced gardeners, they’re just ‘having a go’.

People are growing everything from cucumbers and chillies to figs and mangoes, in their gardens, in pots, on their balconies and even sometimes in their bedrooms. What makes them do it? The thrill of eating something you have watched grow from a seed. The good, wholesome feeling you get from knowing that the food on your plate is organic. Oh, and the unbeatable taste.

But how do they go about it? We spoke to some industry experts and some homegrowing talents to get the lowdown on how to grow-your-own.

Pages 86-88
Aquarius Magazine
May 2012

Full article here: PDF

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