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Kate’s tomato plant

Kate's tomatoes

Kate's tomatoes

“I’m absolutely loving my Bokashi bin. Not only is it a great way to reduce my waste but the quality of my soil is so much better since I’ve been using it. My first batch of vegetables using Bokashi soil are just ready for harvest and so far they are delicious!”

Kate Harris Duthie

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4 thoughts on “Kate’s tomato plant


    Can you please provide some information about tomato plant availability with best quality. Nair – 050 6587824

    1. admin

      Hi, you may want to contact BeSuperNatural regarding good quality, Heirloom seeds for purchase.

  2. james

    hello kate your tomato looks very huge and tasty is that a beef tomato? i have also planted beef and plum and i made a mistake i have planted more than i can handle and pruning was very difficult for me and when fruiting started the stake broke and now all my plants bend towards the soil anyways i would like to know about bokashi and normaol compost bin whar are the difference?

    1. Jo

      Hi James There are a few differences between normal composting and Bokashi, but the most relevant are: (a) Bokashi composting takes 6 – 9 weeks versus 6 – 9 months to turn into usable soil (b) the Bokashi method attracts no pests and (c) Bokashi causes the food to ferment in the bin and then in the ground versus normal composting where the food decomposes Please follow us on Fb to read people’s success stories, problems, etc. We even organise the occasional get together in order to swap seeds and seedlings. Best regards The Bokashi Team

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