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Keep your lawn lush this summer

“When plants are given the right nutrients and the soil is well nourished, there is absolutely no need for chemical fertilisers or insecticides. My garden has not seen either for more than three years now,” says Jo. That’s because for the past four years she has been using a Bokashi bin to help recycle her kitchen waste into organic fertiliser.

Jo is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to make her greens grow best. Fed up with trying to save her gated vegetable patch from three hungry tortoises and her sons’ regular football sessions, Jo began planting veggies at hip level by using an Agriculture Box. The results were amazing. “After just three weeks I had edible rocket leaves grown from seeds. I transplanted my gooseberry bush and the basil plants which are now flourishing, so I am going to need to make a batch of homemade pesto,” says Jo who is also happy at the thought of standing and gardening.

Nourish your garden with Bokashi

Nourish your garden with Bokashi

Gulf News (Tabloid)
28 June 2013
Shahana Raza

Full article here: link / PDF

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