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Leftovers to Green your Garden

Dubai: Springs resident Janine Sheard from South Africa has two years worth of food scraps and peels spread around her garden which fertilises it without using any chemicals.

After each meal she places any vegetable or fruit peels and food scraps into an easy to use food composting system placed under the kitchen table. Three weeks later she can use it as nutritious humus added to her sandy garden soil.

The secret ingredient is Bokashi. Originating from Japan, Bokashi is a special formula made up of wheat bran, rice bran, molasses and probiotics that breaks down food by pickling it, before it can rot and give off a smell. “There are no chemicals so I know I’m not polluting the ground water. My neighbours’ trees are starting to look much better as well and I’m sure it’s from Bokashi, although they wouldn’t know it,” said Sheard, distributor of Bokashi in the UAE for the last two years.

Since adopting Bokashi, her weekly household waste has dropped to just one bag every 10 to 15 days. After segregating her recyclable materials and composting her food waste, there is barely anything to put in her bin.

Janine and her green garden

Janine in the garden

Emmanuelle Landais
Gulf News
15 October 2011

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