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Domestic Size


Domestic Bin

Our domestic size Bokashi bin is about the size of a small pedal bin, and will fit under the sink or unobtrusively into the corner. Perfect for the home, or even in the classroom.


  • Our products are great for the environment
  • Easy to use, no complicated technology
  • No odours due to decaying matter or pests such as flies
  • Buckets are made from re-cycled plastics
  • Save on fertilizers, compost and liquid plant foods
  • Keep drains clear and reduce odours in the kitchen and bathroom

Other Info


  • measures 28cm by 28cm by 40cm and weighs 1.5kg when empty
  • capacity of 20L

All our bins are made from durable plastics. The bins come in two colours: tan and black. The black bin is made of 75% recycled plastic.

The plastic is impregnated with efficient microbes (EM) which assist in the conversion of food waste into humus – anything can be put into the bin instead of the garbage, including citrus, eggshells, seafood shells and even small bones. When used with the Bokashi bran the food waste in the bin is quickly fermented. Once the fermented contents are buried in soil this pickled food waste turns into humus in a matter of weeks, and can then be used for planting.


"Magic" Bokashi Bran

Read more about the Bokashi system in general, or our tips for hassle-free operation.

Inside the bin there is a removable strainer which separates the food waste from any liquid; use the small tap to drain the excess off regularly. This Bokashi “tea” can be used diluted (1:100) on the garden or undiluted down the drains (keeps them clean and free-flowing).

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