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Sharjah makes significant progress with residential recycling

Recycling rates in Sharjah have increased by 50% since a residential eco-program was launched earlier this year by Bee’ah.

They rolled out blue and green bins to 2,240 villas and low-rise buildings in February. These bins allowed for residents to separate their recyclable waste from general trash. Since then the company say recycling in the emirate has increased from 9,909 tonnes in 2011 to more than 15,000 tonnes this year, a rise of 52 per cent.

“The improvement in recycling rates is testament to how sustainable behaviours can be motivated through education and awareness,” said Salim Al Owais, chairman of Bee’ah. “Considering that recycling is still new to the region, we are seeing more and more people joining in and making huge efforts to recycle.

Recycling from the home also helps educate children living in the house, which has a positive benefit for the community at large. We look forward to the day when a similar initiative reaches the entire UAE.

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