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The probiotic industry makes great strides in the USA

Its great to see SCD Probiotics investing in expanding and extending their Kansas City, Missouri manufacturing facility. This expansion means they now have 5 times the production capacity, as well as double the laboratory testing facilities.

Interestingly enough this growth has come from the leather tanning industry. The global leather tanning chemical market was $4 billion in 2011 and the industry is one of the world’s worst polluter of toxic waste. Five new environmentally friendly SCD Probiotic products launched this past year replace the chemicals normally used and provide a “green solution” for removing grease and fat from the hides. Benefits include better quality hides, water reduction and cost savings, and less toxic effluent (water runoff).

SCD Probiotics develop exclusive probiotic technology and use beneficial micro-organisms (good bacteria) to repopulate toxic environments with healthy microbes in a variety of industries, including agriculture, animal health, aquaculture, home and garden, human health and environmental applications. As our chosen supplier of probiotic bran we are very pleased to see their ongoing investment and commitment in this arena. It can only mean good things for all of us.

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